Own a Barry McGee for less than $60

It’s no secret that we’ve long admired the work of one Barry McGee.

When Barry hit Australian shores last year, we curated a little cultural expedition and sent him up and down the east coast of Oz with a van packed full of crafts, with Ellis Ericson as the guide. Barry’s one of the most influential artists currently walking around on two legs, and when he’s not projecting his inner-workings onto the canvas, he loves to dance on the brine on all manner of crafts. The long points of the east coast complimented his tastes perfectly. At the end of the trip, when Barry and the gang landed in Sydney, we put on a little show in our gallery to feature the work that he had conjured on the trip. Beer’s were consumed and art was sold, and Baz and his entourage went home with sore heads and sun-kissed faces.

RVCA have long been the trailblazers of incorporating influential artists into the world of the surf rag trade, and their latest collab with Barry is the perfect continuation of their legacy. The release is compact, featuring six pieces, all featuring original art from the man himself. The long sleeve and front zip below, are particularly on point.

Invest in a little Barry, you can actually afford it! Right Here.

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