If you drink any free Beer this week, then make sure it’s at FRESH TRACKS

Now here’s a little something that you might be interested in.

On Jan 5th—402 St Louis Ave Long Beach CA (to be exact)—we’re helping our pals at Civilware with their film and picture show FRESH TRACKS. The show features photos by MC stalwart Ryan Allan, as well as Geoff Rowley and Tanner Johnson and original short films. The show’s focus, as the name suggests, is on imagery captured on the road. Hunts, trips, expeditions, ventures, whatever you want to call them, these are the pixels and stories yielded from hitting the tarmac.

There’ll be booze courtesy of Beachwood Brewing, and walls plastered with photos from some of the most accomplished wanderers in the game, as well shorts guaranteed to invoke your inner wanderlust. Get down.

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