Adidas Samba Adv

Leave it to Rodrigo, TJ, and Fairfax to make something as mundane as the Samba look really, really cool.

The Samba, adidas staple indoor soccer shoe, could be seen nestled below the frayed denim heels of generations of unfashionably indifferent high schoolers. While many things—timeless, efficient, good for playing soccer inside of a dome—the Samba until yesterday was seldom if ever described as “swaggy.” But shit, it goes to show that all you have to do is put out a banging colorway and release a minute of footage of these dudes skating in it and you’ll have kids camped out on Lafayette Street with their parents’ credit cards just itching for a pair.


The Samba Adv’s will be dropping on adidas SB on the 1st Jan. Be quick!

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