Brick and mortars are popping up all over town but they are not all created equal. One of our favorite spots to grab the latest goods including some of our most prized possessions — Levi’s, Brixton, and Generic Surplus — is UNIV, the Encinitas storefront located right on Highway 101. With plans to expand to international lands, an epic online store and a loyal following, UNIV is here to stay. click here The shop’s go-to Commodore, James Addonizio, tells us a little bit about the UNIV way.

Most interesting customer experience:

Steve Nash bought some UNIV t-shirts, Hulk Hogan asked for directions and someone brought us free beef

Top 5 favorite items in the store right now (besides MC of course):

UNIV mascot items, Reigning Champ sweatshirts, our own selvage denim, Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Vans Syndicate

What’s on the UNIV playlist rotation:

David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, Gordon Lightfoot, New Order, Henry Rollins podcasts

Best lunch break activities?

Surfing at the world famous Swamis just down the street

UNIV motto?

To cater to what you may or may not need

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