A Day in the Life of Riley Blakeway


Welcome to Disposable.

This is where we get someone in our world to ditch the smoke and mirrors and shoot what’s right in front of them. For the latest installment our dear pal Riley Blakeway’s cleaned out his iPhone, and given us a peek inside the fabulous life of a twenty (something) freelance filmer and director. Riley started in surf, graduated to skate, and now he’s head first into music videos and the brutal commercial world of Hollywood CA. Come have a nose around Riley’s reality, and please, look but don’t touch.



Shoot something funny.

Flawless execution.


Shoot the view from your window.

Sunset porn taken from my roof in Echo Park.


Shoot a girl.

This is my girlfriend Sasami doing the ‘Bartman’ on a glacier. It looks like a poster celebrating global warming.


Shoot your last meal.

Custom Starbucks joint!


Shoot a self-portrait.

The ‘Inception’ of selfies…


Shoot a friend.

This is a portrait I took of Rhino channelling Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. I forgot about this until I started digging through my phone for this article.


Shoot your music collection.

I could have taken a photo of my girlfriend’s record collection, but that would be a damn lie. I don’t own any. And a photo of a Spotify playlist seems a bit lame. So, I’m currently reading this book and I highly recommend it.


Shoot your favourite pair of shoes.

Vans X Passport…WOOF


Shoot your workplace.

This is from the Cherry Glazerr Told You vid I directed.


Shoot something that makes you happy.

Sparkes makes me happy. He said yes!


Shoot your wheels.

This is my car after a neighbourhood crackhead dropped a boulder on the windshield at 2am whilst I was sleeping.

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