Dane Gudauskas and the Turn of the Winter

Dane Gudang seems to nail one of these every winter on the north shore, and this may well be the best. The tye die, the snowy beard, it’s just, beautiful.

Warriors (Wave & Positive), more surfing, camera-nerding & the legend of the Waffle Grip.

Week five was kind of firing on all cylinders. We saw some actual waves worthy of real manoeuvres, so that’s cool, and the who’s who of the surfing community gathered for Herbie Fletcher’s annual Wave Warriors photo shoot. It’s always a cool day to catch up with people you don’t get to see too often. In Haleiwa, the Gudauskas Bros had a screening of their film Positive Vibrations; a fun night watching a film about their efforts in donating a few hundred surfboards to the Jamaican surf community. The next day I drifted down to the south shore for a vinyl and analog camera swap meet organised by Treehouse (they’ve just moved into a new space at the Salt Marketplace in Honolulu). If you’re on Oahu and into analog photography, then definitely check that place out. And one of the last events of week five was a talk story at Turtle Bay with Vans Founder Paul Van Doren and his son Steve Van Doren. They talked about starting Vans, making shoes for Duke Kahanamoku, and doing things just a little differently than everyone else. It was a pretty special night. One week left for me over here, and Pipe Masters hasn’t even started yet. As our time here together begins to wind down, we’ll see how much I have in the gas tank. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s images.

Erik Knutson snapping a shot of John & Nathan Florence.
Herbie Fletcher’s Wave Warriors.
Wave Warriors, Al Knost & Ellis Ericson.
Gudangs & Kaipo Guerrero at the Positive Vibrations screening in Haleiwa.
Positive Vibrations.
Positively free tees.
Nathan Fletcher aiming for ankle deep water.
Gilbert Crockett & his lady, Erica enjoying Sunset Beach.
Pat Gudauskas freeing up the tail.
Wade Goodall taking advantage of some free time.
Dane attacking Log Cabins.
Treehouse’s camera swap.
One of the better tables.
Revenge of the camera nerds.
Vans founder Paul & Steve Van Doren talking story.

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