Dane Reynolds’ Chapter 11 Playlist

Dane Reynolds’ Chapter 11 dropped a few weeks back and gave the surf world a much-needed jolt.

To celebrate what’s undoubtedly the surf flick of the year, Dane made us a mixtape reflective of his last year. Raw, fast, powerful, with moments of tender intimacy. And that’s just the music.

It’s no secret that Dane Reynolds and Quiksilver parted ways on less than amicable terms, and here’s Dane’s side of the story. The surfing’s vintage Reynolds, and was all filmed in the last year post-Quik. Surfing’s rife for a shakeup and Reynolds is just the man to do it, once again. In a world that’s increasingly vanilla, there’ll always be a place for mach ten surfing and unfiltered opinion. Dane Reynolds, once again, a breath of fiery fresh air.

In aid of this momentous release, we got Dane to whip up a full-length playlist for us featuring all the songs that didn’t quite make the cut for the film.

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The soundtrack to everything, right here.

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