Local Girl Gang Wants You


Starting a brand isn’t easy, especially in the saturated market of surf and skate offspring labels.

Friend of MC, Mr. Kayle Lawson, is just about to launch the Summer collection for his brand Local Girl Gang. We hit him up to walk us through the inspiration behind LGG and the new collection, which includes his first ever range of skateboards:


“The inspiration for LGG’s first designs came from a shithouse hand-carved cruiser board. That board became an instant artifact that I couldn’t even skate. Two years down the track we’ve have made a functional skateboard that isn’t just for the wall (although that’s not a bad place for it). Some guy even wanted to make it into a clock.

Our designs were always based on a strong female figure with a variety of colour to support. Gradient was the key criteria for anything we produced, which paved the way for the brand aesthetic. For our first public launch, we wanted to display that same foundation of colour in a physical and 3D format.





Our initial purpose for the launch was for it first and foremost to be a lighting and projection experience, and secondly a product release. We wanted to create the feel of our designs among the smoke and mirrors. There will be a continuous animation projected into smoke of The Running Girl, which is the main graphic for our board range and our first ever creation.

Everything on the night will be for sale—see now, buy one. But it’s not going to be that tired, t-shirts jammed on a few racks kind of thing. It’ll be a showroom with eight tees and three boards, but if you want it, you better stake your claim at the counter. You can let us know which ones you want to purchase, because nothing will be taken off the floor during the event to keep the vibe going and the products around for everyone to enjoy.



LGG has a fairly anonymous profile online. Other brands today are lived through the director, who are the face of it all, but LGG is branded by the people that follow and contribute to it. What people see from us is original content, created by like-minded creatives. We create a product behind closed doors, then get them into the hands of talented photographers and art directors who craft their own image of what they think LGG would look like—girls or guys, we’re a brand for both. We then curate that expression and publish it. That was an important reason for us to hold this event, to meet the photographers, customers and fans of the brand and people that support LGG.  I think it’s rad to have an anonymous presence online but something visible in person.”

Get involved with your Local Girl Gang, come along to Allpress Studio Space at 84 Rupert Street Collingwood, 7:30pm till late. Stephelles will be spinning tunes all night and there will be free Bud for all!


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