The NYC Premiere of the Dennis Busenitz Movie

If you’ve ever seen his skateboarding, it makes sense that Dennis Busenitz is a man of very few words.

What is there to say about a man whose skating speaks so prolifically for itself? Well, among a myriad of other opinions, Jason Dill compared it to post-anal fellatio in this new commemorative documentary from Adidas, titled Up to Speed. In an industry where most dudes could go for a little bit more of shutting the fuck up, Busenitz has always stood as an ideal specimen—creative, powerful, modest, and hard-working. Dudes stay attributing his ability in skating to some sort of Germanic work ethic and, while I don’t really know what that even means, I can say that street skating came into what it is today through its abilities in adapting. Having been born in Munich, raised in Kansas, then seasoned in San Francisco, Busenitz has always been able to do his thing despite differences in terrain, surroundings, weather, and crew.  It’s for this reason that Busenitz has always been the perfect skater, and why he has brought so much to the table in terms of the progression of modern day street skating. Up to Speed walks you through his career of nonsensically fast pushing, twenty-trick lines, enders that don’t make a single lick of sense, and a star-studded array of kind words regarding him, a man whose legacy has always transcended commentary. Thanks Booze n’ Titsyr actions have said more in just a few video parts than a lifetime of blabbering ever could have.

two-of-dennis-biggest-supporters-adidas-skateboardings-jascha-muller-and-real-skateboards-jim-thiebaud the-man-and-the-monk-dennis-deserves-every-bit-of-the-recognition-he-received the-gonz-and-den-den mans-best-friend-accompanied-by-tyshawn-and-tim-oconner from-front-to-back-people-packed-in-to-witness-the-evenings-biggest-moment eyes-to-the-front-the-unveiling-of-up-to-speed-had-the-entire-place-stoked dsc_1289 dsc_1275 dsc_1120 dsc_1059 dsc_1011 dsc_0988 dsc_0958 dsc_0876 dsc_0874 dsc_0852 close-up-on-key-moments-throughout-the-decade-of-dennis-busenitz a-well-deserved-round-of-applause-for-one-of-the-best-to-ever-do-it

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