Photo Comp Alumni Bezzina has his Own Book


If the name Nic Bezzina sounds familiar, you’re right.

He’s been ’round these parts before, when he won the Music category of our 2011 MC Photo Comp. Nic’s been a busy man these past few years, and thanks to his crowdfunding project we’ve previously mentioned, Nic managed to raise the money to put his collection of music photography into his freshly dropped book, Release the Crowd. Nic travelled to over five countries and 11 festivals, and while crowds were losing their shit looking at their favourite performers, Nic Bezzina was looking at the crowd, capturing that gritty, grimy mix of emotion that comes with watching live music. As much as it’s a communal experience, is also a deeply personal one, something which Nic captures perfectly in his work. This book is an ode to the power of music, and the people who aren’t afraid to enjoy their favourite music in whatever way they deem fit, even if that means getting their nose a little busted up in a mosh.







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