The Inside Scoop from the North Shore Winter

Wouldn’t be right to start the North Shore season with anything other than the Champ. Here’s JJF throwing maximum spray at Log Cabins.

If you’ve never experienced Winter on the North Shore of Oahu, then you should really give it a blast

You’re unlikely to catch many waves, but it’s one of the most unique and fascinating experiences you could hope for, surfing aside. Every pro surfer you’ve ever heard of, and assorted extras, crammed into rabbit warren houses all on a seven-mile stretch, a string of world class wave straight out front, it’s a people watching paradise. In light of this, we’ve got our man on the ground, Nolan Hall, firing off frames of whatever tickles his fancy over the next six weeks, in a series simply called Six Weeks of Aloha. Here’s week one from the rock, take it away Nolan:

“Upon arrival this year, the ocean already seems pretty pissed off, probably still upset from newly elected President Trump. The Gudang brothers arrived at the Vans house with maxing froth levels, the Hawaiian Pro is already underway at Haleiwa Beach Park, we’ve had Veterans day and plenty of broken boards washing up on the shore, and we’re only a week in.”

Out front, a calm evening upon arrival.
The Gudangs bumping in.
Veterans Day pride
Evan Mock stopped by, and we watched JJF destroy log cabins
Then up to Cholo’s bowl with Evan & Ivan Florence.
The sun’s evening light won’t stop Ivan
Alex Florence gettin’ some too.
Evan Mock.
Post-skate Uno game.
Team mates, Daniel Russo & Nate Fletcher doing work together.
Groms gromming at Turtle Bay (Wyatt McHale, Jett Schilling & Crosby Colapinto).

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