Back to the Feature: Louie Lopez

Film by Andrew Peters

Doing these things is kind of fucked up, to be honest.

Pick a pro, have them re-do a trick that someone else already did and have a photographer re-capture it. There’s kind of a lot of risk involved, you know? What if Louie Lopez picks some iconic trick/photo and then it turns out to be way too easy? If I was the original I’d be kind of bummed. Or what if he picks a trick and the whole film crew rolls up and he straight cannot do it? Everyone would be all “Fam, this is a picture of an ollie from 20 years ago, what’s wrong with you, aren’t you on Volcom?”

Luckily, for all parties involved, especially the photographer, Louie Lopez has an eerie familiarity with late-90s Slap and chose this simple albeit banging post-Mouse Guy Mariano backside ollie photo. You’ll see in the accompanying video that, just like skiing, the ollie is easy to learn but hard to master. That bank is as steep as they come, and rough. I’m astounded that one person was able to loft one that high, let alone two. Hats off to Louie for executing as thoughtful and diplomatic an ABD as possible, versus the kind where you have to sneak out the side entrance every time Guy enters the room. Props to Meza and Guy and Louie—this kind of makes me want to get a room at the Radisson.


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