A Chat and Some Fresh Ink With Four Eyes


An interview from the tattoo chair.

Friend of MC and go-to tattooist Rick Vaughn, aka Four Eyes, has released a range with RVCA he describes as “preppy, sailor nerd, chav.” We decided to head to Four Eye’s new shop Thanks Tattoo for some beers and a chat about his first time designing a clothing range, also realising it was the perfect excuse to get some fresh ink from the man himself. Here follows us pestering him with questions about his Nerd Life range whilst he tattooed us—the only man we trust to multi-task the two activities.



Alright, I’m good.

Let’s do this my man.

How did the range turn out, you happy with everything?

Yeah, I am man. It was all weird for me, I’ve never done anything like that before. I was trying to work out how I saw it in my mind, which sometimes isn’t that understandable. But yeah, I’m happy with it. Let’s see how the people take it.

What’s the vibe of the range, tell me a bit about it.

My range is preppy, sailor nerd, chav. Something like that, you know.

A little different from RVCA’s norm.

Yeah kinda. I don’t think they’ve done too much like it. That’s why I was a bit nervous doing it, you know. But they went with it.



I saw you’ve got jackets, boardies, t-shirts, the whole lot.

Yeah, well the jackets are super lightweight, so they’re cruisey. The rugby jersey I’m psyched on, it’s good for summer and winter. But yeah, a good range, I tried to get it all in there. My friends are all involved with RVCA, the Prime Suspects boys. So that’s the reason why I’m in there doing it.

Any hesitations going into it?

Hesitations? Yeah. There’s always hesitations. You know, nervousness about doing something, or selling out, or progression—all that sort of stuff. In reality we all care, but we shouldn’t. Just do what’s in front of you and try your best.



Have you done clothing before?

Nah, I’ve only done a design for my mate Kristo who had ATG years ago. Just a print for him. And then I’ve just done a couple of shirts for myself man, just to sell in the studio and give to friends, but that’s about it.

How was the whole process?

Well interesting, especially working with a big brand like RVCA, it was a whole learning process. Just being involved. But it was all good and hopefully we’ll do something else. Which I think we probably will. Unless it just bombs, haha.

What else is happening? You’ve got a Prime Suspects RVCA show coming up in December?

Yeah with you guys, with Monster Children which will be great, we’re psyched on that. We’re really going to push that and make that something special for all of us.



Who’s involved with your crew, Prime Suspects?

DMOTE, Will Lyon, Nathan Pickering, Rhys Lee, and I think Will Braden will be doing something at the show too.

What’s on the cards for the show?

We’re not exactly 100% sure of how we’re going to lay it all out and what we’re going to do. But it’s going to be a fun show, for sure.

How’s your new studio been going? You psyched on how it all turned out?

Yeah really stoked man. We just opened really casually and are trying to do it well. We just want to do nice tattoos and make everyone feel welcome. But yeah, it’s been great working with Gummy, he’s been awesome. And we just put on Spider, who’s a great tattooist as well, gets around a lot. But he’s going to be working out of here as a bit of a base, so we’re excited about that.



Ah fuck.

Yeah it hurts in that spot. There might be a little touch-up but maybe not, we’ll see. Just that little line, maybe a couple of little lines.

Dude it’s a good position there, it looks sick.

Fuck yeah, I’m pumped on that.

Let me whip it once more, and we’re done.

Check the rest of RVCA x Four Eyes Nerd Life right here.

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