Coen Brothers to Write Screenplay for Silk Road Movie


‘How a 29-year-old idealist built a global drug bazaar and became a murderous kingpin.’

That’s how Wired began their two-part story, The Untold Story of Silk Road. Based around Ross Ulbricht, aka creator of that shadowy land known as the Silk Road network, it’s one hell of a read if you want to check it out. Word on the street is it’s just been taken on by the Coen brothers for a movie expected to be out next year. Anything with the Coen brothers name attached to it is going to get a lot of attention, and with a stranger than fiction story about a drug empire being built right under the FBI’s nose, it’ll be hard to go wrong with this one.

Please note *Entrepreneur

A quick explanation of the Silk Road for the slightly confused—it was a completely anonymous interface, that connected thousands of drug dealers with potential buyers. And, because the pure Peruvian cocaine, strawberry LSD, heroin from Afghanistan or numerous other highly illegal goods available were paid for with Bitcoin, it was completely traceless.

And with great risk, came great reward. In just two years, this eBay for the wicked made around 1 billion dollars in revenue. Should he have quit while he was ahead? Sure. But Ross Ulbricht aka Dead Pirate Roberts would eventually be taken down, but not before a shit ton of crazy stuff happened along the way. If this doesn’t sound like the kind of juicy content you’d be into, go watch Neon Demon, snore zzz.

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