Stephen Powers: Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra

You can hardly talk about sign painting without mentioning Stephen Powers.

Better known as ESPO to many, he’s made a name for himself as a street artist, magazine editor and advocate of art as a public service. In 2005, he curated The Dreamland Artist Club, a project that brought more than 25 different artists to Coney Island to repaint rides and create traditional hand-painted signs for local businesses and arcades.

This past Thursday, the Joshua Liner Gallery opened an exhibition featuring Stephen Powers and his sign painting shop, ICY Signs. Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra presents the work of Justin Green, Matt Wright, Stephen Powers, Lew Blum, Dan Murphy, Alexis Ross, Sean Barton, and Mike Lee. The show features a studio of sorts, as the gallery is converted into a sign-painting workshop The ICY Signs team will continue to produce work for the duration of the show, the space itself accruing all the splatters, scraps, and food wrappers that characterize the typical sign shop.

Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra runs through November 16, 2013 at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City.

– Reggie McCafferty

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