The Vans/Dime New Kicks are Icy and ‘Really Chill’

An imagined brainstorm amongst the Dime MTL boys regarding their forthcoming Vans capsule:

“Guys, Vans wants us to do this capsule. What do you think?”

“Man, I don’t know, who cares? Let’s just make another slip-on. Ben loves slip-ons.”

“Dude c’mon. They want to give us millions of dollars—we can do anything. It will be sweet!”

“How about a pair of poutine Old Skools? Like the color of gravy.”

“That’s disgusting and didn’t Pass~Port already do that?”

“Damn you’re right….what about like a mesh Old Skool with Posturpedic insoles. Something you can run a marathon in. Really keep up with the times.”

“The times?? Fuck the times!”

“Well, what’s something dumb from the past we can do?”

“Vans is like 50 years old dude. There is nothing before Vans!”

“Yeah, but remember when everyone stopped skating Old Skools, Sk8-His, and Half Cabs and switched to all those big dumb puffy DCs and Osirises?  Vans barely made Half Cabs for like a decade in the 2000s, remember?”

“Not really.”

“Think Warped Tour. Think Sum 41.”

“Bryan, what the hell are you talking about?”

“C’mon, you guys have to remember the Fairlane.”






“No one remembers it.  It had that leather puffy wave on the side. Think Van Wastell, lipslide shove-it. Or Ray Barbee, no-comply, LA Courthouse. You know, we can just troll all that early 2000s nostalgia shit that everyone’s been into recently and remake the least trendy shoe Vans shoe we can come up with. I bet even Vans forgot about the Fairlane. Let’s flip it, suck some of the puff out, and make a colorway that like Lil’ Yachty or something would wear.”

“Genius. But dude, don’t you think that would be a little too icy?”

“Dude—I know.”

The Dime capsule, featuring two Old Skool colorways and the iciest Fairlane to date hits stores tomorrow. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997’s God awful Batman & Robin film, they’re really, really “chill.”

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