5 Art Pieces Under $1K You Can Snap Up For Christmas

Christmas is in 37 days.

I repeat: Christmas is in thirty-seven days. Consider this your formal warning. You need to prepare for what lies ahead, and not be that guy at the shops on Christmas Eve with a bag of prawns and five boxes of Cadbury Roses. Wouldn’t it be nice to gift something thoughtful this year? What about some affordable art to fill the blank space on that special someone’s wall? And would it be so bad if that special someone was You? No. It wouldn’t. Here’s a list of five artists whose work you can score for under a thousand bucks.

Libby Haines

It’s Friday afternoon knock-off drinks every day with Libby. Well, actually, every Monday and Thursday when she releases new art reminiscent of a cheeky wine and cheese board or vibrant table spread. Libby’s work is about appreciating the simple things in life, capturing the everyday with coloured oil on canvas, framed in raw Tasmanian oak. Yours if you are the first to comment SOLD on her Instagram with a price point of $495, including shipping around Australia. Turn those notifications on because you best believe her pieces are snapped up very quickly.


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Mia Khin Boe

Having just completed a residency at the Institute of Modern Art and the Museum of Brisbane, Mia Boe’s art is probably not going to stay under the $1K price point much longer. Mia, a Butchulla woman from K’gari (previously known as Fraser Island), shines a light on the Indigenous histories that Australia seeks to deny, as herself. Available at Sunday Salon with 25% of all commissions donated to charities that support First Nations communities.


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Sam Steinhauer 

Another artist whose work plays with the everyday, Sam paints funky acrylic masterpieces featuring nonsensical scenes with very funny titles. My favourite is ‘Sproogle surtdat mushroom pizza, Marley and his Brancusi.’ His work has been described as reflecting a ‘disenchantment with the Western world,’ which I think sums up everyone’s feelings right now. Available at Sunday Salon.


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Giorgia Bel 

Giorgia Bel taught herself how to paint when she was struggling with health issues, and focused on nature for salvation and inspiration. As a result, her art features calming depictions of native florals and the Australian bush. Sold at a bunch of galleries and stores around Australia, a painting by Giorgia is a lovely addition that will brighten any wall while still on a budget.


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Nick Ferguson 

For an entirely self-taught artist with a medical degree, Nick Ferguson is one of those people who is so good at everything, you can’t not like him. His work has won a number of awards over the years, and he’s currently exhibiting at the Art Atrium in Sydney. With his recent pieces centred around Australia’s swimming holes, you can literally cool down just by looking at his work. Honestly, you should buy and try it.

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