You Were Fun to Drink with Before You Cared about Art

Luke Pelletier is pretty special in our eyes.

So special, he made it into our issue 50, a collection of our top 50 people. Thanks solely to us, and absolutely no talent on Luke’s behalf, I jest. He’s got a new exhibition coming out this weekend, named If it Floats. He’s the kinda man that dabbles in a bit of everything, including blacksmithing, art, design, skating and music, and makes us feel like talentless blobs. We caught up with Luke to find out where else you can possibly go in life after being featured in the pages of our mag.

You were in our issue 50- what have you been up to since then?

That issue was insane! You guys put out the best stuff. I’ve been working on my solo show mostly. My band has been working on a new record that we’re going to be putting out soon, we’ve been playing shows here and there. We’ve been grilling a lot. Skating a bit, doing graphics for people, just being creative and goofing around.


You own a café, you’re in a band, you paint, design…any other endeavours you’ve recently added to the line-up?

The coffee shop actually closed down, but that was a lot of fun! I learned a lot from it for sure. I love variety, so I try to have as many different projects going as I can. I’m working on a cartoon that we’re still pitching. My girlfriend, Kristen Liu-Wong, and I are about to start on some collaborative velvet paintings. And I’m trying to curate a group show soon and put out a solid book with all the homies, working on a new record. I definitely need a short break after this solo show opens though! monster-children-luke-2

You said your upcoming show is the craziest thing you’ve ever worked on, why’s that?

It’s actually really hard to describe it. Mostly because it isn’t finished yet, but it’s just on another level than I’ve ever done. I saved money for like a year and went all in. I made a chain stitched suit with my buddy Ben that will be spinning in a glass case. I reconfigured the entire floor plan for the gallery, I lowered the roof, changed the floors, built a bar, made custom drink stirrers for the cocktails. Painted a ton. I did all the stuff that I always wanted to do, that people always told me were a waste of time and money. I just did it. I’m excited to get to share it with everyone on Saturday.


Has it been smooth sailing putting your latest show together or have there been some bumps along the way?

Nothing but bumps. If I order glass, the glass doesn’t fit. When I build a wall, the wall needs to be three feet to the left. When I buy lights for the show, they get left in the shopping cart. It’s just been super hectic. It doesn’t help that that I have a really hard time staying focused. It’s cool though, we’re all having fun.


“You were a lot more fun to drink with before you cared about art.” Are you talking about anyone in particular?

Haha. It’s about me for sure, other people as well though. I just can’t stop thinking about the stuff I’m working on, it’s definitely consumed me lately. So even when I’m out drinking with the boys, it can be hard for me to turn it off. I think it’s important to have time during the day that you don’t work at all, but lately it’s been an all day thing. And it’s been waking me up in the middle of the night.


How’s the installation for the show going, from the photographs it looks like it’s a pretty involved process?

I’m a little nervous. It opens in a couple days and the gallery doesn’t have any walls right now, but we’ll get it done. Everything always seems to work out.

In you’re in LA this Saturday, check out Luke’s show from 7-10pm at New Image Art Gallery, 7920 Santa Monica Blvd.

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