Here’s The Crux of Hi-Performance Surfing

Jack Freestone might not be one of the great minds of the modern age, but he needn’t be.

Kid’s crazy good on a surf steed. As in, not miles from King John in terms of freesurfing (barring Pipe and Chopes). We’ve become gluttonous when it comes to free web surf content, and if it’s anything less than premium, we tend to turn our noses up and move to the next. It takes quite the edit to capture the attention span to keep us locked in for 20 mins, so hats off Surfing, this is pretty damn good.

They almost lost us for a minute at the 12:46 mark when the interviewer asks, “If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself and your life, the future, anything else, what would you wanna know?” Jesus, what a melodramatic¬†question. Then it cuts to flawless Cloudbreak and LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Someone Great’, and all is forgiven. A fine 20 minute work substitute.

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