The Eight Best Docos We’re Yet to See


There’s nothing better than giving advice on something you know nothing about.

So here are our slightly vague, but completely accurate predictions of great documentaries, judged solely on their trailers. And, because we’ve seen none of the following in full length, we hereby proclaim an MC Bullshit disclaimer, and will not accept any responsibility for minutes of life wasted watching these. That being said, we’re 90% sure that our recommendations are 100% spot on. Enjoy.


Kiwi TV journalist David Ferrier came across Competitive Endurance Tickling online and thought it would be a bit of a laugh for a story. That was before he uncovered the bizarre and threatening underworld of the ‘sport.’ Ferrier explained to Indiewire the response he got when he first reached out for an interview: “Their first reply was ‘we don’t want to deal with a homosexual journalist.’ That comment is what kicked this whole thing off. Not only is it homophobic, it’s odd, especially because this tickling sport does seem a little gay,” he said. Weirdly enough, the company involved still have their suss website up and running, one quick look at it will probably give you back of the neck shivers. No laughing matter. Out in cinemas this month.

Don’t Blink – Robert Frank

Who is Robert Frank? “Robert Frank is gloriously notorious. He is the groundbreaking photographer of The Americans; the iconoclastic director of Pull My Daisy and Cocksucker Blues; a difficult and almost impossible interview subject; a rejector of wealth and celebrity; a man whose, ‘sympathies were with people who struggled,’ who has a ‘mistrust of people who made the rules.” If that doesn’t sound like someone who would make a damn good documentary subject then I suppose it’s time for you to re-watch Never Say Never.

Cinema, Mon Amour

Everyone loves a down and out hero, and cinephile and manager of one of the last remaining cinemas in Romania, Victor Purice, is one such hero. It’s an ode to cinema and the man who fights to keep the place open after forty years of being its projectionist, despite further government cuts and battling disrepair.

Europe, She Loves

This documentary follows four European couples trying to make life work in the current state of the EU. Shot in Greece, Ireland, Spain and Estonia, the camera captures the couples in and out of the bedroom, dealing with unemployment, drug addiction, families, sex and migration. Although the issues facing Europe today are no mystery, it’s an intimate exploration of how the younger generations are dealing with the repercussions.

One More Time With Feeling

We’ve been looking forward to this one, as we’ve already told you. This Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds documentary will follow the making of their most recent album Skeleton Tree, as well as the tragic death of Cave’s 15-year-old son last year. In the short trailer, Cave asks, “But what happens when an event occurs that is so catastrophic that we just change?” The documentary will be released worldwide in September.

The JT Leroy Story

‘It boy,’ and highly praised literary genius JT LeRoy never actually existed. But for a decade, celebrities, the press and The New York Times celebrated, photographed and socialised with someone who they thought was him. Turns out JT was really the creation of 40-year-old former phone sex operator and housewife Laura Albert, a modern day Svengali using someone else to captivate audiences across the world. But who was the strange, feminine looking boy who lived for 10 years as JT LeRoy? Wish we could tell you but we haven’t seen it. Looks freaky good though.

All These Sleepless Nights

This trailer is smooth, no doubt about that. Reviews have been mixed for this one, some say it’s full of “youth truths,” some say it’s lacking on purpose (much like the protagonists), but we have no idea so we’re gonna throw it in the mix. The film follows two friends over a year in Warsaw, Poland, as they navigate parties, girls, drugs and all the other stuff that comes with being young. Does this trailer make them look like dusty stragglers holding onto the last dregs of Splendour’s Tipi Forest? Yes. Are we jealous that they’re allowed to have a party on the beach without the Australian government sending them home to bed? Probably.

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie

No brainer. Scientologists are as deadly and crazy as a bald Britney spearing a car with an umbrella, and Louis Theroux is the king of getting up close and personal with subjects and conjuring thought provoking dialogue. Louis and the Scientologists were made for each other, and we can’t wait to see how far he pushes it.

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