Ain’t That Swell Live from The Farm

Surf degeneracy is alive and well, and for that we’re most grateful.


In the latest episode of Ain’t that Swell, Jed heads to The Farm—home of Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, and anyone else who’s too stoned to drive home—in the hills of Byron Bay, for a think tank on the state of modern surfing. It was recorded days after the Splendour in the Grass festival, and while the boys were all munching bananas trying to get their serotonin back up to tolerable levels, Vaughan Dead, front man of The Goons of Doom, Editor of Surfing World magazine, and usual co-host of the show, was mysteriously MIA. Sources tell us that he was spotted days before at ‘The Tunnel’: an infamous post-Splendour, after hours bush doof. So maybe that had something to do with the absence.

The boys riff on board design, life in the Byron Shire, J-Bay, and the much unappreciated art of the surf enigma. One of the sure-fire highlights of the episode is an interview with old-school shaper Mark Rabbidge, the man who shaped the board that Tom Curren rode the wave at J-Bay on (despite most people thinking that Maurice Cole made the craft). Mark sounded like he could’ve (and would’ve) talked for days about surfing, design, and the nuances of life. It’s refreshing to hear a stoked old(ish) fella who’s not jaded to the bone, surfing’ll do that to you.

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