Rat Bats and Colourful Doodles


Here’s a rumble from Sydney’s Underground.

Got a bedroom wall as blank as my stare when people throw hip acronyms at me? Well, FYI, you can brighten up that drab white space with a bit of Irvine’s art. ICYMI, young Sydney artist Irvine is having an exhibition at District 01 in Surry Hills on the 1st of July. He’s described as ‘young and hip,’ and I am too which is why I know who he is, so you can trust me when I say he’s good. In Sydney but haven’t seen his stuff? Well, you’re a filthy liar because his stuff has been featured on walls, vehicles and posters dotted all around the city so yes you have now go wash your mouth out with soap.



Irvine paints a distinct band of characters that are wickedly cheerful, combining black and white icon doodles with huge bursts of colour. Using a smaller palette than the acid trip colours of his past works, but with the same visual entertainment, this exhibition shows a development of Irvine as an artist.



It’s his first solo exhibition in four years, and from the lofty throne of art knowledge upon which I sit, I am of the learned opinion that it won’t be his last. Go check out his merry band of bats, aliens and rats that have made the journey from graffiti, to murals, to the gallery.

And check out this vid to hear more from the man himself. Because if you can’t trust a man in a white on white suit combo, who can you trust? DNMI (Do Not Miss It).


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