Everyone’s Favourite Surfing Degenerate Radio Show Returns

After a brief hiatus in the pursuit of getting mindlessly piped, ATS returns.

For those not familiar with surfing’s premier podcast, Ain’t that Swell is broadcast whenever the hell the boys feel like it, and rubs up intimately on all of surfing’s hot topics. Hosted by Jed Smith certified surfing journalist/fringe-dweller and Vaughn Dead, of Goons of Doom and Surfing World Magazine fame.

In the latest instalment the boys catch up on all of the WSL action: Kelly ‘Da GOAT’ Slater (Greatest of all time), the Fiji instalment of the Taj Burrow world retirement party – that still rages! – and the “fucked, up” madness that was the The Cape White Knuckled Fear contest.

It’s fleeting, passionate, and haphazard, but it’s fun, and that’s why we love it. Buy a ticket and take a ride on the ATS train, it’s a great way to squander an hour.

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