The Perfect Marriage of Surf and Art

Eye Symmetry is a Surfboard Co that’s doing things a little differently.

Their latest creative jaunt is a collab with NYC artist Dimitri Drjuchin, and this is their lookbook. To do justice to the functional pieces of art, the Eyesym gang headed to the deep south of Australia and set full time Puerto Rican test pilot Hector Santamaria to work.

Eye Symmetry Director Max Stewart says that the brands collaboration with Dimitri was as organic as it gets. “I first saw Dima’s art on the Father John Misty album cover,” he says. “He naturally does all our stuff: Pyramids and bright colours, but he’s got his own slant on it. He’s just doing his normal art and it fits into the brand, he was the man when I asked him to paint the boards, he’s super humble.”

Hector starts off riding The Sandman, his signature craft perfect for flying, then he lofts and pulls in on the Cali Quad, a performance fish fit for pretty much anything, and the last section in near perfect juice sees Hec riding The Lucid Eye: Perfect for sticking drops and wrestling with foam balls.

The full story from the trip, complete with divine photos, will be coming soon.

All boards from the Dimitri x Eye Symmetry collab will be available soon here.
And to check out more of Dimitri’s brain melting art, dive in here.

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