Jeremy Le Chatelier


There’s this sweet little surf community along the St Lawrence River in Montréal. Which is pretty weird, because it’s six million kilometres from the ocean.

The French-speaking, poutine-eating Canadian city actually has two surfable waves. One awful-looking flowrider in a strip mall somewhere on the south shore (read: far away from anything) and the other, the standing river wave breaking in the shadows of an architectural marvel, Habitat 67, an apartment complex designed for Expo 67 just ten minutes from downtown. This small crew of surfers shape their own fishes and logs and are out on the never-ending wave all the time. Amongst them is Jeremy Le Chatelier, a Montrealer via Costa Rica, who shoots natural textures in strong light, and shoots them well.

It’s his unique surf-folio of the river wave that brought him to our attention, but the other day he went to Europe for the winter, and turned his lens to the alps and the ocean. From the French mountains, to the west coast’s Île de Ré, to the beaches of Ericeira, Portugal, where he lived, skied, surfed and shot. Then the sun returned to cold ol’ Canada and he came back home.


“Getting the most out of a four month trip to Europe was the goal.” Says Jeremey. “During winter, I found myself going back and forth to the alps. Skiing unridden tracks was a real romance. When all the snow started to get soft, I hit the road and crossed France from East to West and went to Île de Ré. The ocean was completely flat during these two weeks but I had a great time.”


There’s always something to do in France since food is an attraction in itself. I spent a few days on a RM-890 – small boat with an awesome skipper and unbelievable canned cassoulet. Even the two metre swell didn’t stop me from eating it. Then, it was time to take flight to Portugal. Flying around Europe is so cheap sometimes you just can’t say no. Yet again, driven by all the amazing food, I settled in Ericeira, some 45 minutes from Lisbon. This is where I bonded with the ocean. Sunny and alive, Ericeira is really a great place to be. This trip wrapped up too quickly and I would totally do it again.”


Check out more of Jeremy’s work on his website here or follow him on Instagram @jeremylechatelier and Facebook.

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