A Creative Take on Philanthropy

My Magic Mum is a super creative way to introduce philanthropy.

Director Stephan Hunt’s film has echoes of Taika Waititi throughout (Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople) and tells the story of Rambu, a young girl who lives on Sumba, an Island in the Indonesian archipelago which is home to some stellar waves including the infamous ‘Occy’s Left.’ Rambu believes that her Mum┬áhas┬ámagic powers, which is understandable because Mum’s really are wondrous creatures. Rambu’s Dad died, and her Mum couldn’t afford to send her to school any more, here’s where the magic came in. The small loan that her Mum got through Opportunity International allowed Rambu to return to school and follow her dream of one day becoming a doctor.

Part fact, part fiction, the reality is that a little coin for you, can do a lot of good to families in poor parts of the wold like Indo. Considering that a large portion of us travel to Indo to surf, it’s good to spread a little financial love straight to the people who need it.

Opportunity International do some really interesting things and have a different take on ‘charity’, check it out and pitch in, right here.

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