‘Easy Listening’ doesn’t Deserve such Negative Connotations

It’s a shame the term ‘easy listening’ has such negative connotations.

Because Ranch Ghost are a band from Nashville, Tennessee, who make music that is really easy to listen to, but doesn’t suck. It’s just music you can tap ‘n clap to without feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, y’know? Over the long weekend, I donned a pair of fluffy socks my boyfriend’s Grandma gave me for Christmas, turned Ranch Ghost’s single “Ragged Mile” up real loud, and just slid up and down the floorboards for awhile like a stoned Olympic skier.

The retro rebirth’s debut album, Lookin, drops on the first of July. The band says there were a host of unlikely instruments that made it onto the record—“Four pots, three pans, a sugar container filled with uncooked rice and beans, and one temper”, to be precise. Speaking of rice and beans, what was the best meal the band ate during the recording process? “Humble pie.”

While you’re sliding on the floorboards with socks as ski’s, you don’t imagine the band to be a mild-mannered bunch. But when we asked the guys if they wrote any of the upcoming album’s jams at the dinner table, guitarist Andy Ferro explained, “I was taught that when I’m eating, I should just focus on eating.” The same reverence need not be applied to cutting a rug, though. Ferro explains that their youngest fan at a recent Record Store Day gig busted a move so fierce they’ve yet to witness anything like it. “Camryn has some pretty mean moves. She did one that made it look like she was going to fall over, but then she didn’t. Shows what I know. We’re not related by blood, but we are family. She told me that I was like her sister. She’s 7.”

Ranch Ghost’s debut album, Lookin, drops July 1. You can pre-order it here.

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