Newcastle was Pumping on Monday

The East Coast fires! Jye Byrnes, lone-wolf out Newcastle Beach yesterday morning. Photo: Beau Hardy

Not Since July 2001, quite possibly the most epic ENE swell in living memory, has the East Coast of Australia experienced the kind of waves it did yesterday.

After a wild weekend consisting of pelting rain, howling wind, flooded suburbs, coastlines being swallowed by the angry Tasman Sea, and countless hours spent on the couch with hand down the front of pants watching Netflix, the East Coast of Australia awoke Monday morning to offshore perfection and a momentous day of surfing.

While many succumbed to the warm comfort of their beds or hid behind the live stream of the Red Bull Cape Fear, there were a handful of brave souls that dragged their bulging nutsacks down to the beach, ‘chucked a sickie,’ donned their best rubber and ventured forth into the sea. And, what a spectacle it was!

Novocastrian photo-twins, Charlie & Beau Hardy, knew Monday was going to be special, and it wasn’t to be slept in on. They rose early, and in separate cars, spent the entire day driving around Newcastle capturing the swell phenomenon from different angles and perspectives; the results are what you see in the below images:

Newcastle; as many reeling lines as 2016 NRL losses. Photo: Charlie Hardy
Local shaper Jye Byrnes working out of office. Photo: Beau Hardy
While brother Beau was shooting from King Edward Park, Charlie photographed the carnage from the Newcastle Baths.

All Photos: Charli Hardy & Beau Hardy

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