The Age of the Poncho Has Come, Again

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The poncho’s a much under-appreciated garment

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter has finally come. You can’t deny it, so we suggest you start to fully embrace it. It’s time to go full scale, Lenny Kravitz wearing a large blanket down the street as a scarf, kind of acceptance. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and the coals are starting to warm, then the poncho’s the perfect wearable beach towel. As the sun starts to set and thoughts turn to a beach fire, all you gots to do is slip your throw over your head and start on the vino.

What better way to do that, then to buy the cool, warm and socially acceptable cousin of the Snuggie, the poncho. And Brixton have a good one for you. The Vanguard is a custom lightweight 100% cotton poncho, with a woven patch and debossed Brixton logo. Available in two colours and easy to fold up and take anywhere with its own leather holder.  To celebrate this garment of the gods, we thought we should list our top three reasons why the poncho is the greatest and obviously way more comfy than whatever else you’ve got in your closet.

You can wear whatever the hell you want underneath.

Wear your pyjama top, don’t wear a bra (scandalous), wear the ugliest shirt you have, doesn’t matter. It like your own little secret and the world outside your poncho don’t know shit.

It’s like wearing a blanket, do we need to say more?

I like to walk around my house wrapped like a cinnamon bun in an actual blanket. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is kind of weird outside the privacy of your own home, but with this Brixton poncho you get the same comfort, without the stares.

Putting on tight jeans is stressful.

Now though, you slip your head the poncho hole, you’re dressed. So take your time, press snooze 12 times more, cook a very involved breakfast, or get updated on people you don’t care about on your Facebook feed.

Oh, and if you think that men can’t rock a poncho, we’ll just leave this here…

monster-children-poncho 1

Slip into practical bliss, right here.


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