Here’s the best ads from the First 5 issues of Monster Children


The early 2000’s must’ve been a wonderfully indulgent time to be a designer.

Team riders? Yeah we got ’em, but don’t worry about it designer guy. Release your inner creative dragon, fly like a tiger, and some such amphetamine-fuelled bile. The streets were paved with gold in the surf/skate/whatever game in the noughties. People actually wore surf and skate clothing, even if they didn’t practice said activity. These days a few of the more savvy skate brands have worked out how to sell their gear to a broad demographic (hello Palace) but the surf bros definitely haven’t. Seen anyone wearing a Rip Curl tee recently? I’ve just been gifted a hard drive with every issue of Monster Children ever made on it, and what a shitstorm treasure chest it is. Advertising in the golden age of print was amazing, because without the ongoing tools that are available to brands now (Websites, instagram etc…) brands had one chance every month or so to sum up who they were as a company in one double page spread. Which is impossible and awesome all at the same time. Here’s a selection of beauties from the first five issues, well the ones I could open anyway (what the fuck’s a ‘exec’ file, has it got something to do with floppy disks?)


Seriously how good were the early Volcom ads? I was deadset convinced that Oscar Billy Pippen Wright was a superhero from outer space called Oscar Wrong and that he used to walk around in fangs and a bat cape all the time.

Mambo (and top)

Best, surf co, ever. Mambo redefined surf marketing, for very much the better. This is Mambo post the Reg Mombassa glory days, but they were still cool. Luke Shanghai Sex Stedman was sponsored by them and the gear was, well, colourful. Now it’s changed hand multiple times and you can buy it in Big W. R.I.P.



Globe’ve always been one of the more forward-thinking surf/skate brands, and this one, well, it’s out there! You win some and you loose some in the ads game, but Globe, unlike some of the early advertisers in this fine publication, is still very much alive, gotta claim that as a victory.


Paul Frank

Remember Paul Frank? The cheeky monkey face dipped their toe into the alt/surf-skate/action sports whatever world for a hot second in the early noughties, and it would seem they didn’t get too far. This ad however, this is 000’s marketing at it’s best. Obscure, bright, awesome.

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