South Korea Invents Ice cream that cures Hangovers


There’s generally a decent period of time between, “Drinking is so much fun, why don’t I do this all the time!” and “I’m an absolute pelican of a human, I need Powerade in and around my mouth.”

Enough time, one could argue, to stumble down to your local corner shop and have a lick of a Gyeondyo-bar.

Possibly one of the greatest untapped industries in the history of the universe ever is the hangover cure industry. That’s a lie, South Koreans already make 126 million USD per year in sales, (they’re the biggest drinkers in Asia). But not the rest of the world. Just like Leo’s man vs. bear battle to the death in The Revenant, we’ve been left to fend for ourselves in a cold, dark wasteland of hung.


But, like a bacon and egg roll straight up the nostrils, we smell a change coming. South Korea have apparently invented a hangover cure in the form of a grapefruit ice-cream called ‘Gyeondyo,’ which literally means, ‘hang in there.’ We will. Each bar contains 0.7 percent oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which they used in the 17th century as a hangover remedy. Not sure if it 100% works, but worth a try.  It’s only just been released in South Korea though, so we hope you enjoy your Berocca Fizz feat. splitting headache and shakes for a little while longer.

Not to be outdone however, old mate’s sunny utopia in the north, North Korea, claims to have invented hangover free alcohol. That’s between 30-40 percent alcohol. Oh Kim, you so silly.


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