I Could Watch Craig Anderson Forever

Ah Craig, what is it that makes you so damn easy on the eye?

If you booked a weekend in this usually quiet part of the world and it happened to coincide with the Surfing World Surf  Super Camp Bonanza then it’d suck. Imagine rocking up to the usually empty swell magnet beach and there’s every groovy pro surfer you can think of pitched up, dudes doing yoga on the beach, Ozzie and the Goons jamming and friggin mobile baristas whipping up beans? Apart from that, the camp looks like the best time ever. Everyone know’s where this place is, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to spell it out. This is how Craig and his merry Electric band spent their time at the camp, and it looks like a blast. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the whole rest of the east coast of Australia was flat this day. If you don’t know, then you still don’t know.

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