Let’s Rid Sydney of Mike Baird

Casino Mike, by Sydney artist Scott Marsh.

If you’re young and you live in Sydney, and you’re not a robot, then chances are you’re thinking of leaving.

Melbourne seems real appealing, and it is, but brrr, and fuck that, leaving’s admitting defeat. The reason that living in Sydney feels like someone’s simultaneously squeezing your balls and stamping sucker on your forehead at the moment, is because of a few money-grabbing Jesus freaks at the top, who’re getting away with continuing the self-interest of the privileged boys clubs that they were brought up in. The Sydney private boys schools are a petri-dish of greedy little thugs, and they’ve got us by the short and curlies at present brothers and sisters.

In Sydney, 2016, here’s the things you’re not allowed to do: Buy alcohol to take away after 10 pm. Enter a licensed venue after 1:30 am (apart from the Star City Casino which is conveniently approx 12cm outside the lockout zone), protest any development that disrupts daily business, which is the definition of protest. And, all licensed premises inside the lockout zone in Sydney, see also: anywhere you’d want to go, now close at 3am (apart from the Star City Casino which is conveniently approx 12cm outside the lockout zone). That’s not to mention all of the people whose homes have been sold out from under them and relocated. These laws were brought in by NSW Premier, and former investment banker, Mike Baird.

The problem, and the reason that ‘Casino Mike,’ is still at large, is that financially NSW is booming. Unemployment’s at a low, and after mining’s gone down the spout, the infrastructure or, ‘dining boom,’ in Sydney is starting to make up the numbers. Stack ‘em high (literally) and watch them fly to foreign investors, is the mentality of property development in Sydney at present, and it’s made property so expensive to buy that unless you’re heading into the financial sector (like Casino Mike and working class hero, cough, Malcolm Turnbull did), then there’s no chance you’re going to buy in Sydney.

Protesters at the Keep Sydney Open rally earlier in the year. (Sydney’s still closed btw).

Mike Baird is passing laws under false pretences to further his own self-interest with as little fuss as possible. The latest of which is merging city councils and booting out voted-for officials in order to get his WestConnex motorway initiative across the line; a project that will further increase housing prices, destroy even more of Sydney’s architectural character and put even more poor people out of their homes. This is a crystal clear abuse of power. Last night in the first meeting of the ‘Inner West Council,’ formerly the Marrickville, Leichhardt, and Ashfield councils, beautiful chaos broke out. It seems that the people who live in the inner-west have picked up on the stench coming from the realisation that the people whom they voted for, and who opposed the WestConnex project, have been sacked and replaced by Richard Pearson, who formerly sat on the WestConnex board. Pee-eww.

The anti-Baird march that’s taking place this Sunday in Sydney is about much more that just getting rid of one man. It’s about drawing attention to the fact that Sydney, NSW, and in turn, Australia as a nation, has a voice that deserves to be heard. The message in Sydney at present is clear: Sydney is not a place for young or poor people. This is complete folly. We’re a young and emerging nation drenched in natural beauty, with a strong culture of classless mateship, sport, music, and we’ve got so much more to give. If you boot young people out of the capital city, what kind of a precedent does that set for the rest of the country? The current social unrest isn’t about drinking alcohol, violence or safety, it’s about the people at the top having the foresight to consider what’s best for the future of the Australian people. If we continue to mindlessly clamp down on everything that threatens a developer’s ability to sell property (see also: culture) then soon this will be a country that no-one under the age of 50 would ever want to visit. And that doesn’t bode well for any of us.

So please, take to the streets with us this Sunday and help us rid ourselves of beigeist bastards who’re currently stunting the real growth of this great country.

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