Modern Cave Painting: Matthew Houston


Illustrations by Matthew Houston

Matthew Houston is an artist living in Mesa, Arizona.

His illustrations remind me of caveman drawings on a wall, but instead of the tribesmen holding spears, they’re toting iPhones. We asked the man behind the modern day rock carvings a couple of questions pertaining to his work, Mexican food, and wedding attire. Here is what he said.


1. What do you think of cops?

I like cops but I feel nervous around them.

2. What do you think of California’s appropriation of Mexican food?

I don’t know much about that, but I’m sure California’s enthusiasm for Mexican food has something to do with its 14 million Hispanic residents. Though also, speaking personally, I find Mexican food to be very delicious and it is no wonder that it is so popular.


3. What do you think the tallest man in the world’s most common complaint was?

Being the tallest man in the world must have its perks. The effortless dunks, splendid vistas, and access to the choicest apples in the orchard must be very nice. But the cons must outweigh the pros. The tallest man’s complaints, from his ill-fitting clothing to hitting his head on door frames, all boil down to the fact that he is unconsidered. He lives in a world created without him in mind. That being said, surely his most common complaint was being asked “how’s the weather up there?”

4 Are you a messy person?

I’m pretty messy, both mentally and physically, but I’m never carefree-messy. I always feel guilty about it.


6. Is it ok to wear white to a wedding?





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