XXX of ZZZ performs on stage during Day 3 of the Splendour in the Grass music festival at Woodfordia on August 1, 2010 in Woodford, Australia.

Here’s 7 Splendour Sideshows you should see

Splendour in the Grass
Can you feel it?

If you missed out on this year’s Splendour tickets don’t be sad, it’s not a good look for you.

Just get tickets to one of Secret Sounds, ‘Official Splendour Sideshows,’ and get even closer to some of your favourite acts. Like shirtless, sweaty, up in your grill, man in the mosh pit close. Here’s our picks of bands we love, and bands we think we might come to love in the near future:

Fat White Family

“Retarded infantile sexuality with a strong beat,” is how Fat White Family describes Devo, one of their musical influences. Tales of onstage weirdness and butter being rubbed over naked bodies mid-performance tell us one thing: you’re gonna get a show. Frontman Lias Saoudi may have said he’d be better off on the dole or working as a pizza chef, but with songs like Touch the Leather and Is It Raining in Your Mouth, we strongly disagree. If you’ve never heard of this shabby punk band from South London, we give you permission to go deep into an internet k-hole and learn. Just promise you’ll come out the other side, with a sideshow ticket in your hand.


At 19 we were doing shit all and getting pissed on goon bags. We’ve changed now though, we prefer to drink cask wine and think very highly of ourselves. Until we found out about 19 year old Låpsley, who’s incredible vocals and international success makes us feel as if her insanely nice song, Falling Short, is a soundtrack to our lives.

Jake Bugg with Blossoms

He’s played before the Rolling Stones and at Glastonbury. He also said that his scariest gig was playing for his school mates at 14. He thinks everyone thinks he’s a grumpy little twat, but we think Jake Bugg is a cheeky little English bugger with a voice that’s way too good for a 22 year old. What a little twat. Teaming up with Blossoms  from Manchester, this is one you should’t miss.

James Blake 

The man needs no introduction. His voice is smooth like a velvety jacket and he’s a Splendour in the Grass headliner, which means he’s good and which means you missed out. But you didn’t really because you get another chance to watch him, which you don’t deserve but we’re still going to do you a solid.

Jack Garratt with Kacy Hill

Using the word genre is cool. It says that you’re one of those fancy folk who knows how to say Cannes properly, instead of those plebs that say it like Cairns. Except when it comes to Jack Garratt, because we have no idea what genre to pigeon hole him in. Indie? Pop? Electro? RnB? Who knows, but we like him and his orange beard very much. He’s coming to Aus with Kacy Hill, they’re both good, you know what to do.

Mark Lanegan Band

Mark Lanegan has a voice as scratchy as a three-day beard, yet as supple and pliable as moccasin leather. We didn’t write that, but because it’s like literary sex to our wordsmith ears and also very accurate we thought we should tell you. Lanegan, who started off playing with the Screaming Trees, is one of the originals from the Seattle grunge scene that includes the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. That means he is way cooler than you’ll ever be, but you can go to his show anyway.

Peter Bjorn and John

Sweden is fun. It’s a kooky little country full of tall, blonde men men in skivvies and has given us marvellous things such as IKEA, vikings and ABBA, in that order of importance. It’s also given us Peter Bjorn and John. They went away for a while, but now they’re back with their album Breakin’ Point and are here for your enjoyment, so dust off your best turtle neck and get a ticket.

Check out the full list and get your tickets here.

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