Surf Travel doesn’t get any better than this

South to Sian looks like an Indonesian surf travel opus.

If you really want to score in Indo, then you have to put in the time. Sure, you can rock up and get lucky, but it doesn’t happen as much as you think. The Deus surf gang know this as well as anyone, and they base themselves there in the Temple at Canggu, so that whenever a blob pops up in the Indian Ocean they’re ready to hit the road and score. There new full length movie South to Sian is an ode to putting in the time in the archipelago.


The neuro-baby of Dustin Humphrey, South to Sian’s a stunning document of Harrison Roach and Zye Norris’ 4000km journey through the Indonesian archipelago. The boys set off in an old Land Rover with bikes and boards in tow, and, by the looks of things scored through their teeth. Just how curated the trip was remains a mystery (blindly rocking up to perfect waves is a rarity, even in Indonesia) but the wave look about as perfect as they come.


One of the awesome things about the movie is that it shows a different side to undo. We’re all guilty of rocking up straight at the big name spots, surfing for a week and then leaving, but there’s a lot more to this archipelago than hot sticky islands and sharp reefs. One of the visual non-surf highlights is the sequence of the boys fanging around on bikes in Java. Woody Gooch, the man charged with taking stills, said that, “When I got there I was wigging out. It’s freezing, and the people there don’t really look typically Indonesian. If you had a flash-look then you’d think it was Nepal or somewhere in South America. But it’s smack bang in the middle of Java, it took us two days to get there from Bali in our Land Rover.” It seems that despite being a shitstorm of a tourist destination, Indo’s still got a little mystery in reserve.


The films already premiered in Japan, and the gang’ll be rolling it out worldwide. In this the age of disposable everything, it’s refreshing that a brand like Deus is still putting time and capital into a full length surf indulgence. Of course one of the major pluses to a long player is that if you’re in the know then you get to see it on the big screen; truly the only medium for maximum surf and travel lust.

For your nearest premiere, check the schedule here.

And come join us at the Sydney premiere here.

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