Here’s 5 Surfdog Clips That You Should Watch

There’s no doubt that KS’ lake-wave is a mechanical marvel, but watching professional surfers sit behind the curtain of a two foot wave for forty seconds is something that only needs to be seen once.

If you’re not blessed with the time to sift through the junkyard of content that is the internet, here’s some hassle-free surf boner-porn to get you off the couch and into the drink. It’s fleeting and biased, but the surfing’s on point. Of that we can totally assure you.

Louie Hynd – The Craic

Despite having the most predictable title imaginable, this clip makes up points in the music department (although JD’s been done to death in surf, it still works) and Louie’s performance in heavy, cold Irish tubes is really something. Ireland’s a hell of a place, and if you haven’t been then we highly recommend. It’s rugged, wild and windy most of the time, cold, tidal, and the days in winter end at about 4;30. But drinking a pint of the black gold and talking to people that you can’t understand after a day of waves is just about the fucking best feeling in the world. That’s the real craic.

Ryan Burch – The Parralellllogram

Comparing surfers to jazz musicians is just about the corniest thing ever, but if this isn’t four-and-a-half minutes of improv then I don’t know what is. We all feel like we know Burch by now, comps-logs-twins-asyms etc… but if this is how much fun that he has in one surf then we’re going to continue lapping up whatever he’s selling. The guy jams like no other.

Conner Coffin – Young Wise Tales.

Conner Coffin’s one of the rare breed of surfers who’s sponsored by a host of multi-national companies and competes on the perpetually bland world lay-day tour, but remains endlessly likeable. Condor rips on the guitar and— as every surf publication who’s ever tapped a word about him has mentioned—his rail-work on an open face is second to none. Except Papa Reynolds.

Taj Burrow – Absolutely Everything, but in this case Sabotaj.

This movie was released in 1998. How does that make you feel? Tired? It’s madness to think that TB’s now retired from comp surfing (well, kinda). The guy pretty much invented the surf movie as we know it, and if you’re currently over the age of 25 then Taj was undoubtedly your favourite surfer growing up. Now that he’s jacked in the tour, we can only hope that Teeb’s is going to start churning out more films. Although he’s going to have a tough time working his name into another title, I can’t find one even with the google’s help.

Doped Youth – Forever and Always

This is the best surf movie ever made. Done. It’s a haphazard shitstorm of the highest order, none of the music was paid for, and that’s why we love it. The best thing about Doped Youth is that a movie of its creed will never, ever, be made again. Think about it. The dudes in this movie were the best surfers in the world when this thing was made, and they’ve clocked up 15 world titles between them. Can you imaging trying to get surfers to don wigs, strap on fake tits, and recite lines now? Just the thought of dealing with all those tedious, pencil-pushing managers is giving me a rash. Enjoy it, it won’t happen again.

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