The Skate Tape, by Mike Giant

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Mike Giant’s seen some shit and listened to some music.

Mike’s transitioned through BMX, heavy metal, punk, skateboarding, graff, and ended up as one of the most prolific tattooists around. Mike’s still immersed in the skate world, and he’s taken time out from busy permanent inking schedule to commit his jams to a mixtape, just for us. Influenced by the skate vids of old, there’s everything from Metallica to NWA, Black Flag and beyond. While it mightn’t be appropriate background music for dinner with your in-laws, it’ll definitely make your tedious daily commute much faster. As we know, loud music makes for faster, more aggressive, and all around better driving.

Listen Here.

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Apple Music’s a rad new way to get your fill of hassle-free, immaculately selected music. All you have to do is sign up for your three month free trial, and you’ve got endless perfectly curated playlists at your fingertips. If you’re looking for us (you should be) then we’re nestled between MOJO and NME in the Curator Playlists section. Were going to be bringing you regular playlists from some of the most influential and musically divers personalities in our world. You’ve already heard from Steph Gilmore, Austyn Gillette, Dylan Rieder, Evan Hecox, and there’s plenty more to come. Life’s too short to listen to dud music.

Get a fix and Listen Here.

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