Team Huf’s Ventoura

Words, Photos, and film by Andrew Peters.

Behind the scenes of team Huf’s fruitful trip north.

Andrew Peters is one of the most prolific skate photographers around. Seeing as Andrew’s constantly turing and filming with the cool kids, we figured that we’d have him document the behind the scenes goings on of the notorious skate trip. For the pilot we head to Ventura with a fair slice team Huf for a mini ramp session, bbq and ales with the Andersons. Over to Peters:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of straggly skateboarders more welcomed, than by the Anderson’s. We turned up half-pissed shuffling out of the van into their home. I was very soon aware that this wasn’t Bob’s and Sooze’s first rodeo. Jake and Mike Anderson’s folks were the perfect host to our night of debauchery, with bbq’s, dad-pot and personalized birthday cakes, everything finally started to make a little bit more sense about their two boys.

 Originally planned as a four-man mission, it quickly turned, with almost the whole Huf crew attending; Josh Mathews, Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Austyn Gillette, Matt Gottwig and Jake Anderson. It’s hard to have a bad day after Sooze cooks breakfast for 10 fully grown men skating a mini ramp with hangovers, so naturally ‘Ventoura’ turned into a real success. I found the record button on my stills camera and filmed some of the mess in between doing what I’m actually supposed to do.”

Stay tuned for more…

Austyn Gillette BS Tailslide.
Brad Cromer BS 180.
monster-children-austyn-gillette 2
Austyn, fensive.
Did y’get it?


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