12 Photos That’ll Make You Re-Evaluate Your Whole Existence

It’s hard to work out which is more aesthetically pleasing, German model Lisa-Marie Bosbach, or the West Australian scenery.

How do these photos make you feel? Do they fill you with jealousy? Or the sweet feeling of melancholy for brighter days past? Whatever the weather, you can’t fault the photographer/talent combo of Lisa and West Oz-turned-Sydney photographer Tim Swallow. Tim’s got a penchant for the good times, and he’s a true advocate for mixing biz and pleasure. He may be working, but he may also be surfing pumping Kalbarri as we speak. He hasn’t been sending me photos all morning so I wouldn’t know.

So in the absence of anything better to do at the end of another week of monotony, here’s Lisa, in West Oz, entirely for your pleasure. Enjoy.

For more of Tim’s work see here, here, and here.

Monster-children-Tim-swallow 7Monster-children-Tim-swallow 9Lisa_Yallingup_WA_TSP-10 Lisa_Yallingup_WA_TSP-11Monster-children-Tim-swallow 2 Monster-children-Tim-swallow 3Monster-children-Tim-swallow 5 Monster-children-Tim-swallow 6Monster-children-Tim-swallow 8 Monster-children-Tim-swallow 12

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