Brixton has the sense to sign Chippa Wilson

Bravo Brixton for having the sense to sign Chippa Wilson.

Chip’s literally the most innovative aerial surfer ever, and his surfing hasn’t lost any of it’s zing from when he first confused the shit out of the surfing general public six years ago. Chippa’s always had explosive parts in all the right movies, and his Riley Blakeway directed profile movie Now is a millennial surf classic. But, he’s had a bit of a dud run with sponsors. Analog (R.I.P) pulled the surf pin four years ago, and then Chip inked a (reportedly lucrative) deal with Fox. You can’t blame Chip for taking the cash—and setting himself up very comfortably in his beloved Cabarita—but Fox was never hip enough for Chip. Enter Brixton.

Now for those interested, this is how you release a welcome to the team clip. Chippa’s in a bracket with Reynolds with being one of the most entertaining surfers around to watch surfing at home. The backside thing at 45 seconds is just about as inverted as you can get on a surfboard, and the big spin to close is everything that’s good about Cabarita’s most famous export.

Chippa’s a perfect fit for the Brixton aesthetic, he’s a bona fide petrol enthusiast and spends much of his time out of the surf tinkering with his fleet of vintage motorbikes, and that’s not to mention the Chevvy truck that he reportedly spent a fortune shipping over from the US. We love a good brand fit as much as the next man, and it’s refreshing to see two like-minded forces linking up. Brixton have been amassing quite the surf team of late, and now they’ve got their cherry for the top of their surf cake. Look for big things from this partnership in the future, the surfing world’s been missing Chippa Wilson.

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