Thrills release their Abandon Range


There’s something captivatingly depressing about bowling alleys. 

The weird smell, teens trying to find something to do other than sniff glue and swap bodily fluids, absent fathers trying to make up for lost time by taking the sprogs out for something, ‘fun.’ Yes you haven’t quite lived unless you’ve had a birthday at a bowling alley, where you spent the majority of your time on hand and knees looking for dropped pound coins under the machines in the games arcade section. And then there’s this new release from Thrills, and they pretty much nailed the sentiment in the latest range.

It’s called ABANDON, and one can only assume that it’s because we’ve all been left unattended in the lanes at some stage in our lives. Once, after being abandoned in a bowling alley full of pissed rugby boys, I witnessed one of them attempt the full Fred Flintstone twinkle toes, followed by a full rotation (and surprisingly graceful pirouette), and finished with a super early ball release half way through the spin that sent the ball two lanes over into the wall. It belted into the sign on the wall bearing the name of the establishment (Hollywood Bowl) and sent the W and the L crashing to the ground. It was one of the most wonderful things that my 12-year-old eyes had ever seen. The group was subsequently removed and given a lifetime ban from Hollywood Bo.

The Thrills range is full of the dark and smoky aesthetic that we’ve come to expect from them. The dude in the campaign looks like a young Nick Cave, so extra points there, and the young lady, well, if she doesn’t reignite memories of pimples, Lynx Africa, and passing promiscuous notes in class, then that part of you is obviously dead forever.

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