Radiohead gives the internet a free Lesson

After owning the internet for two days, Radiohead have finally put everyone out of their misery and released Burn the Witch. 

It’s unmistakably Radiohead, but the addition of the full strings section definitely gives it some juice. The Chris Hopewell directed video’s what’s really got people searching for meaning. It’s in the style of obscure 60’s BBC kids programme Trumpton, with a touch of the Wickerman thrown in for good measure. It’s creepy, and, kinda awesome, but it also reeks of us all being so brainwashed into thinking that everything that Thom Yorke does is a work of unquestionable genius, that it’s hard to know where the music end and the cult begins. One thing that you can’t fault is Radiohead’s unrivalled ability to cause a fuss, and, in the end, that’s what marketing is.

Whether it’s going to be a concept album with accompanying sinister film clips based on obscure ancient kids TV shows remains to be seen, but you can’t fault the effort that’s gone into the clip. If you were really digging (see also: clutching at straws) one might pontificate that the mirroring of a show called TRUMPton, was not a coincidence, but I digress. Hats off to the band where it’s due, they really caused an almighty fuss and executed this perfectly.


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