New Monster Children Tees

Thomas Campbell x Monster Children T-Shirt
Thomas Campbell x Monster Children T-Shirt

We’re not really a one at a time kinda shop, so here’s five new Monster Children tees all at the same time.

The graphics are done did by cool guys like Ozzie Wrong, Thomas Campbell, and the LAND boys. Society deems it proper to cover your titties (whether they be man, or lady titties) at almost all times, and what better way to  fit in than to rep your favourite band of reprobates, us!

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And big ups to the handsome bastards who make these t-shirts look damn fine: Ariki McKinney @ Vivien’s Models / Junior Madut @ Debut Management

Monster Children x Land Tee (Belt by FEIT)

The Land boys went with the whole day glow thing that all the kids in design school are into at them moment. And an image straight from what looks like an Egyptian page 33.

‘Cheesus Christ’ Tee by Ozzie Wright

Junior here wears the ‘Cheesus Christ’ aka ‘What a Way to Spend Easter’ tee. Originally Oscar Wrong sent us a MC logo that had about 5000 different colours in it that he swears he didn’t (but definitely did) make in Microsoft paint. The printers almost wet themselves at the prospect of all the ink needed to pull it off, so here’s JC, hanging on the cross for your deliverance.

Monster Children x Land Boys – Long Sleeve Tee

Here’s a long sleeve with absolutely no text on the sleeve. God haven’t we just flogged that horse. The Land Boys expanded on their breast tee with this rad back piece.

The MC issue 50 Tee

MC 50 was an unbelievable heffer of an issue, and we figure that we’d better milk it or all we’re worth. Thus, the MC50 shirt. A good logo’s a hard to find, and we’re rather fond of this one, wear it with pride, grown men have cried over this one. Seriously.

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