Photos by Shaun Profeta

Ratatat are one of those bands that never get old.

Not biologically, because that would be weird and someone would have done a story on that by now, but in the musical sense. They’re kind of immortal. It’s been 13 years since their first single, and they haven’t really changed their tune. If you liked the New York duo ten years ago, guess what? You’re gonna like them now. Not because they aren’t evolving, but more because their sound doesn’t date. Songs like ‘Wildcat’ and ‘Cream on Chrome’ aren’t a product of a particular trend or phase, they are original jams defined by a genre that Ratatat themselves created.

Last week, Ratatat brought their patented brand of electronic rock to the Metro Theatre, backed by epic projections of psychedelic patterns, soaring eagles, and exploding watermelons. Designed by Mast, Ratatat’s video display is orchestrated to match their entire set down to the last chord, and you can tell they’ve had more than a few nights practice with the whole production.

The audience at the Metro was awesome. I heard one guy remark to his girlfriend, “Look around you—this is the friendliest crowd I have ever seen.” And a quick pan of the smiling masses confirmed just that—a mix of longhaired louts and clean-cut business suits clapping together in unison to the god of good times.

Ratatat catapulted through their lengthy catalogue, and it was nice to see hits from 2015’s Magnifique just as well received as those from 2006’s Classics. Apart from a muttered ‘Thank you’ a couple of times throughout the night, no words were exchanged from stage to crowd, and no one seemed to mind. It just left more time for their guitars to sing.

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