Table Talk: Episode 4 – Chad Muska

The latest instalment of Table Talk features the man who brought the boombox to skateboarding, Mr Chad Muska.

Once hailed as one of the “most marketable pros that skateboarding has ever seen” by Skin Phillips, Muska’s now on a new trip that sees him stepping into the art realm as discovered by our host and skate legend, Chris Pastras. Originally famous for bringing the boombox and thrift store chic to the street skating world, unfortunately Muska’s body’s not quite playing ball, and in the absence of being able to skate quite like he used to, he’s turned his unquenchable energy to art.

Using elements that are familiar to him from of his skate career: Cement (duh), resin (wheels), steel (trucks), and wood (duh), Muska’s creating super unique minimalist pieces. He admits that skateboarding will always be his numero uno, but in place of being able to throw down quite how he used to, the art thing’s pretty cool.

For the rest of our Table Talk series come and hang with actor/skateboarder/producer/photographer Jason Lee, artist Geoff McFetridge, and the guitar-strumming skateboarding legend that is Ray Barbee. Pull up a pew and bask in the wisdom of some people who know a heck of a lot more about this crazy little thing called life than you do. Clickety click…

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