Radiohead almost deleted themselves from the Internet

Thom holds the key and the joke’s on us: Everything in its right place.

Radiohead disappeared from the internet yesterday.

Well, their content did anyway. If you clicked onto yesterday, and god knows why you would have, you’d have been greeted by a blank page. On Facebook and Twitter, they’ve cleared their feeds, but weren’t quite brave enough to scrap the whole thing and part with their almost 12 million Facebook likes and 1.6 mill Twitter followers. Thommy Yorke’s a stubborn bastard, but he’s not stupid. The ‘select-all-delete’s’ sparked rumours of the coming of the 11th album, which is said to be coming out in June, and the potential medium with which the band might deliver it. King of Limbs, which it seems hard to believe was released 5 years ago in 2011, was promoted by Yorke handing out Radiohead-themed newspapers at record stores, and then self-released through the band’s Ticker Tape imprint on the independent label XL in the UK. In Rainbows was offered as a donation box style online download where fans could pay whatever they wanted for the album, and Yorke’s also previously released his solo project Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes for free on BitTorrent. I for one vote for floppy disks covermounted to the next Big Issue.

On the 30th April some Radiohead fans received flyers in the mail that read, “Sing the song of sixpence that goes ‘Burn the witch’. We know where you live.” The band are starting to tour at the end of May, and whilst all talk of a new record is thus far completely unfounded, one thing remains certain. They’re definitely up to something.

Monster-children-radiohead flyer
The flyer that was slipped under the door of perplexed Radiohead disciple on 30th April.

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