Dark, Pure and Sweet by Dylan Rieder

Dylan Rieder from the pages of MC 34 by Ryan Allan.

In case you haven’t already heard, we’ve got our very own channel on Apple Music.

Now this isn’t the sort of accolade that they hand out to anyone who claims that they really really, ‘like music.’ We keep our music, and our friends, like Dylan Rieder here, close. Until now. Through our channel we’re going to be releasing meticulously curated playlists from some of the most influential people in our realm. You’ve heard Steph Gilmore, Austyn Gillette and Evan Hecox’s diverse and sprawling mixes, and now it’s time for something a little murky. Dark, Pure and Sweet is a personal journey through the psyche of one Dylan Rieder. Perfect for a Sunday, or a Monday, but probably not a Saturday. Subscribe and hear the whole damn thing.

 Listen here.


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