Paradise is sweeter in the rear-view

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If your last trip to paradise left you screaming, ‘fuck that place I’m never going back,’ then we sympathise. This sentiment cools after a year or so, and then someone who takes fine pictures like Hayden O’Neill slips you a copy of their new coffee table and you forget the sweltering heat, crowds, and the incurable venereal disease that you picked up the last time that you went. Now all you see is mechanical waves in trunks; and your confidence swells with a completely unfounded faith in your ability to negotiate such conditions.

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In honour of his new hardcover Cinema Paradiso, Hayden’s throwing a shindig in his native Victoria at the Snake Hole Gallery in Mornington on Friday the 29th April. There’ll be music, dancing, girls, booze, and you can buy something super nice to put on your coffee table, if you have one.

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The book’s filled with images from Hayden’s extensive travels from Indo (obviously), Fiji, and Micronesia. Sure there’s surf shots, but the pages are also filled with those little in-between moments that make up the majority of time spent in the tropics. And it looks, well, soul-warming. Come to think of it, the the islands in the vicinity of the equator aren’t so bad, and it’s coming into winter soon, soo… Check out more of Hayden’s work here.


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