Miles Silvas, Bloody in the pursuit of Adidas’ Away Days

Away Days will be the first full-lengther that Adidas have put out. Judging by the amount of Superstar’s and Stan Smith’s getting around at present, we’d guess that budget wasn’t too much of an issue.

Miles Silvas had a spare moment in his insane itinerary to talk about his experiences filming with the Adidas squad for their new vid Away Days. Fresh off his heavy-hitting last part in the LRG video, and appearing in ads, photos, and interviews seemingly every time I open my eyes, you would think that all this exposure would be taking its toll. Alas, dude stays cool as a cucumber. Shit, he barely even gets hurt.

How you doin Miles?

I’m doing pretty good, just chillin’. I’m out in Sacramento.

How’s your part looking, you done?

It’s in the final stages right now. I’m done with traveling for it, but I’m gonna be skating local, like San Francisco, maybe Los Angeles real quick but for the most part it’s done, just trying to get some last-minute things finished up. I’m feeling good about it.

Where have you been filming?

I been a lot of places. Barcelona, Madrid, Montreal, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Russia, Berlin. Been around the world man.

Here’s a mere flesh wound from the LA section of Silvas’ part. But hey, a grand, or getting paid to skate, don’t come for free.

Between Away Days and LRG’s 1947 you’ve been on the road pretty much exclusively, huh?

Yeah, I’ve been on the road for a long time. The LRG video just came out and even during wrapping that up, I was going on LRG trips and I would go on Adidas trips, so when that was going on I was filming tricks and it was kind of hard to just keep track of what was going on. Then that video wrapped up and it was straight to finishing up this one, so I’ve been nonstop.

The team’s pretty big. On these trips, is it the whole squad? Or just a select few per trip?

We’ve got such a big team that it’s hard to get everyone in the same place at once. We had one trip where we went to Barcelona and the entire team overlapped for like four days, which is kind of crazy. But for the most part it’s pretty split up.

Do you have a favorite teammate who you skate with?

I got a lot of homies on the team, but I would say the fool I like to travel with the most would have to be Rodrigo TX, he’s one of my close homies. I always room with him on trips and shit, he rides for LRG, and the hat company we ride for is Official. Those three brands do a lot of trips so I’ve been traveling with him a lot over the past couple years.

What’s skating with Gonz like? Do you have any weird Gonz stories?

I don’t have too many Gonz stories. I met him one time real quick in New York, and then I hung out with him a little bit in Barcelona when the whole team was there. He’s still skating, trying to film tricks, eating shit. He’s hyped still, it’s pretty sick to see.

Who’s the filmer?

We got three filmers. We’ve got Chris Mulhern out in Philly, Justin Albert in San Francisco, and then we have Torsten Frank out in Stuttgart, and they all kind of just mix up on trips – one dude on one trip, there are always three trips going on at once, so those dudes are always all over the place.

Don’t be fooled by the boyish shell, Miles is one of the hardest working dudes in skateboarding.

Do you have any specific stories you can tell me about a trick that you were working on that could shed some light on your part?

I had to film this intro out in Canada, and they wanted me to get a trick on a spot that revolves around the intro, but it just didn’t work out with the timing. I came back to Sac, went on a bunch of other trips, then found out I was going back to wrap up the intro, and they wanted me to get the trick. I was in Madrid, and I went straight to Canada and it was like 30˚F. We get to the spot and we gotta cut the chain, there’s a rail there, we gotta take the rail out. It was a super big mission, and I’m trying to warm up and skate a spot that’s gnarly in the freezing cold, which I’m not used to. I tried it for one day and it wasn’t working very well. The next day we were like, “fuck, we gotta do this. We can’t leave without this trick.” I threw a couple, not really trying, letting the filmer set up. Then the shit just worked first try! I did it a little weird, but I was so hyped that it worked. I ended up doing it again after a little while, then I flew straight home. It was a pretty straight-to-the-point mission, which I’ve never really done. That was just crazy.

Whose part should people be most psyched to see?

Lucas Puig’s part is going to be really sick. Silas Baxter Neal. Alec Majerus – his part is fucking heavy. Everyone’s got pretty heavy shit – I’m blown away on all the trips we go on. Everyone’s working super fucking hard for this video so it’s going to be good.

What is your absolute favorite thing about being on an international top-tier skateboarding shoe company, and what is your least favorite thing?

Everything’s pretty fucking sick about it. I’m not even tripping. Sometimes I gotta go places I don’t want to go, but it’s totally fine. My favorite thing is: my fam, they’re all hella into soccer and shit, they all grew up on soccer, and I get the plug for a lot of soccer shit. They send my brother boxes – which is super sick – so it’s tight. And I just get to to be a part of something sick. I look down and see my shoes and I’m psyched, and the clothes are dope. It’s perfect.

Check out the trailer for the much anticipated Away Days here.

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